Thursday, January 26, 2012

First Blog Post - Benefits of Being Listed in a Recruiting Agent’s Database

If you have not yet talked with a recruiting agency in your search for mining jobs, you should definitely consider it. Also called job recruiters or headhunters, recruiting agencies can be a valuable tool in your career search.

There are several benefits to getting your name and resume into a recruiting agency’s database:

1. The agency’s services are free to you.
If you’re hired through an agency, your employer will pay the agency’s fee. This gives you access to a great job hunting resource with no payment required on your part.

2. Recruiters are motivated to find you a job.
Recruiters only get paid when they place candidates in jobs. If they don’t find you a job, they don’t get paid. Your best interest, getting a great job, is also in their best interest.

3. Recruiting agencies know about jobs that aren’t listed online or in the classifieds.
Many employers go straight to agencies with their best jobs. If you’re in the database, you have a chance at those jobs.

4. Recruiting agencies keep your job search confidential.
If you work with a recruiting agency, you’re not going to see your resume on Facebook, where your current employer may also see it. If you’re trying to keep your job search a secret, recruiting agencies are a very good way to keep your resume off the Internet.

5. Headhunters talk to each other.
If you’re registered with one recruiting agency and your information is in their database, you might get a job through another headhunter. They often trade information with each other because it helps them fill positions.

6. You may get a higher salary by working with a recruiter.
If you negotiate your own salary, you may end up getting paid less than if a recruiter does the negotiating. Not only are headhunters more skilled at negotiating than you probably are, but they also have a powerful incentive—they get paid a percentage of your salary.

7. Headhunters know the hiring managers and human resources directors.
You can spend hours trying to track down jobs, post resumes and figure out who to contact. Headhunters already know the people who hire for mining jobs and will submit your resume to the right person and sell you as the perfect candidate.

Career searches are very seldom fun. They’re stressful, time-consuming and agonizing, for the most part. A recruiting agency can make your job search easier, simpler and faster. When you sign up with a recruiting agency and get into their database, they do the leg work for you. You no longer have to spend hours looking for jobs on CareerBuilder or and submitting resumes to every possible opportunity. You have someone in your corner fighting for you.

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